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This confession will come as no surprise to friends and family that know me well. Butfor those of you who don't know me, this might be surprising (if not a bit of "too much information"). I don't like taking showers. I like being clean and presentable and so I do it since it's socially expected but I don't like to take showers. It takes up precious time, particularly afterward when I have to do my hair and makeup. I also don't really enjoy getting wet and since I've had children I usually take my showers at night which I enjoy even less than taking them in the morning.

It's rare I take a shower in the morning because there just isn't time but I'd rather take one in the morning. When I do take a shower, I don't even get alone time. My cat usually sits between the shower curtain and keeps me company by "talking" to me or licking the shower walls. I also usually have a visitor or two because someone has to go to the bathroom or my three-year old just wants to check on me. "Mom, are you taking a shower?", he asks as he pokes his head into the shower.

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Don't get me wrong, I also don't like to be smelly or dirty and so I take a shower every other day. The exception is if I work out, then I take one at some point in the day. I've gone a good 5-7 days without taking a shower or bathing. Don't panic I was in the Army at the time so I didn't have a choice in the matter. The shower after those 5-7 days felt great! But it's amazing what a wipe down and tooth brushing will do to make you feel clean when you can't take a shower. My husband says I'm a dirtball, but he's gone 19 days without taking a shower (againthe Army).

There are some benefits to not taking a daily shower my hair ALWAYS styles better the day after I take a shower when it's slightly dirty. My skin isn't as dry or itchy (I have really sensitive skin) and I gain an extra 30-60 minutes in my day. I honestly don't see too many benefits (other than cleanliness) to a daily shower so I just do it when I need to or every other day, whichever comes first.

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