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I've heard lots of diet tips over the years. Mosts of those diet tips we're about willpower; and while willpower is a key factor, it doesn't have to be the only factor. Fat loss is total war, and in total war, you cheat. If your diet is suffering from doughnut sabotage, there are only so many times you can say 'no' to a doughnut that's just being a doughnut.

Luckily, your body is full of mechanisms to help you do just that. Here are a few things that worked for me as a former fat boy.

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Leptin is a hormone produced by your bodys fat cells. It does many things, but let's focus on it's role as the 'satiety' hormone. The way it works is that your body has a 'set point' for stored fat, beyond which leptin tells the brain 'enough, I'm a human, not a dwarf star'.

Here are a few leptin facts and tricks to get you started.

  • Don't take exogenous leptin. Just don't. Leptin resistance is real. It's far better to change how much our body can naturally produce.
  • Base your diet on foods that naturally promote leptin production. The DEANA Diet, as well as The Mediterranean diet are good ones to follow. Filled with lean meats, olives, nuts and veggies, it's not exactly a tough diet. This forms the strategic part of our fat loss campaign.
  • Get full with some oleoylethanolamide ( OEA) . Don't worry, it's easier to produce than to pronounce. It's produced rapidly in your intestines and your body reacts to it just as rapidly. Eating foods high in natural fats like nuts, seeds,avocados, dark chocolate (70% or greater) and even raw whole milk will cause your intestines to start generating this. Take note: Fat is very calorie dense, so when snacking, snack a bit and wait awhile. A lot of the time, snacking is done out of boredom instead of true hunger.
  • Don't starve yourself. The reason why people on a diet feel hungry all the time is because they are!Make good food choices and try to eat on a schedule. If your body knows to expect calories every so often, it won't panic so much.
  • Stay away from fructose and HFCS. Fructose and it's inbred cousin HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup) has been implicated with leptin resistance in several studies. Thats as awful as it sounds. Leptin resistance means that your body could be producing enough leptin to turn you into leptin man but you'd still feel ravenous.
  • Don't diet on foods you hate. Foods like lettuce which only helps because it takes up space in your stomach. The problem is that people who need to lose fat typically have larger stomachs. Thats a lot of lettuce. That you might hate.
  • Easy on the sauce/dressing. That has calories too. Please don't try and eat a tonne of cucumber by slathering it in ranch dressing.
  • Whenever possible, don't buy stuff that comes in a box. If this is too hard, at least read the label. draw a line at any food that says it contains high fructose corn syrup.
  • Till you're under 20% bodyfat, stick to lean cuts of meats top sirloin,tenderloin,round for beef and skinless breasts for chicken. Always trim the meat. Always go for grass fed beef, most other beef just doesn't have the nutritional profile of grass-fed beef. Beef will say it's grass-fed on the label.
  • Eat fish. Wild salmon and other fatty fish like tuna are excellent sources of protein and dietary fat. I'll post up some salmon recipes in the future.
  • Hummus and a veggies of choice, carrots or cucumber are very good as a snack. The olive oil in it gives you a temporary hunger fighting OEA boost, the chickpeas help boost leptin production, and the veggies' high fibre help keep you full.

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