The Backdoor Job Search

It can be frustrating to be seeking a job from contacting job search boards and not getting responses especially for professionals. Veterans coming out of the military can also have a hard time getting a civilian job after years in the service. If that is your situation, you need to try new job search techniques. There are other ways to get a job than to send resume and cover letters to companies that advertise on job boards.

Networking is a buzz word, but it can work as one of the best job search techniques. Go to events in your industry or expertise and exchange business cards. If you are a veteran, you could find out about companies that make special efforts to recruit veterans, and are interested in the skills you learned in the military. Then, there are friends and family members to help. This is better than waiting to get a response from a good job that you see on a job board. You respond to a job, and tens of others who may be younger and have more attractive resumes are also applying for this job. Even if you get an interview, you are facing very low odds of actually getting the job.

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But, you say, what if you have exhausted your friends and contacts. What if your city or town does not have the networking opportunities that you need to get the job you seek? There are other job search techniques though they are difficult and time consuming.

One of the job search techniques is to list companies in your industry and in the geographic area where you seek a job. Call each of these companies. There is a way to make some progress. Job search techniques include going to the companys Web site and finding out the name of some of the officers of the company, or use social media tools to get the information. Once you have their contact information, you can talk about your qualifications, or at least leave a message. Be proactive! Perhaps you can get their e-mail and send them your resume. This gives you a chance to beat the rush, and be considered for a job before it hits the job board!

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