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These six essential tips will help you to get the most out of your involvement within the community as well as help you to become a contributing member.

Most bloggers will pick a specific niche or a couple related niches to write about on their blog.

When you do this it narrows down your audience obviously. Having a specific audience in mind can help with writing but what about when you target that audience and you don't see any fruits for you labor?

Well when you are a part of a blogging community you have the ability to network with other bloggers who may be in the same niche who can offer advice.

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Having a community to fall back on can help you stay ahead of the curve as well as provide a critical support group that can help you to achieve your desired goals with regards to your blog.

There are many ways to get involved with you community, however I will share tips that will help you to get the most out of being an active and contributing member of your specific community no matter what the niche is.

Tip #1

Seek to understand before you judge. This saying holds meaning to understanding other members of you blogging community. In most casesblogging communitiesare on social media sites like Facebook.

When you become a part of a discussion ask questions to further understand what the member is trying to convey.

This will help you become a problem solver and before you know it people will be directly asking you for advice or your opinion.

Tip #2

Make an honest attempt to help one person a day. This may be difficult and I can attest to the fact that being a blogger is time consuming.

When you strive to help others you will begin to build rapport with yourblogging communitythus allowing you to ask for help when you need it.

A blogging community is like a cookie jar in a way. You can't always just take the cookies you need to help bake them too.

Tip #3

Attempt to be a part of discussions. If you take the time to become involved with the blogging community when there is a topic that is being discussed it can do a number of favors for your blogging efforts.

Most topics will bring up valid points in the niche and possibly even fuel your creativity when it comes to developing an enjoyable and valuable blog post.

Also, when you are a part of a community that discusses many topics related to your specific niche you can keep your ear to the ground with regards to fads and trends in the niche.

Tip #4

Look for ways to improve your community. Be a service to your community. If you are a regular and contributing member this will only help you.

Think about it like this: If there is a system that you see could be improved or has some kinks that you can fix talk with your community. Get their opinion or bring it up during discussion or with community leaders.

Chances are if you are serious about improving the community and it really is needed you will head up the changes or improvements.

A blogging community is as much a resource as a tool. Make sure your blogging community is a well oiled machine.

Tip #5

Make regular appearances to check in. Even if you are busy and you know you are going to be busy make sure you can't poke in to help or let others know what's going on.

If you know it will only take you five minutes to help solve a problem do it.

People do not like when someone is never there and comes out of left field who's has been a part of the group for a while to complain or act like they we're never gone.

Getting on to let people know what you are doing or trying to do will let people know you are there and help validate your involvement when you may need help or have a valid point to contribute to the community.

Tip #6

This is one of the most important tips I believe. Strive to lead with value and be friendly and approachable. If you are new to blogging or have been blogging for awhile it is always nice for people in your blogging community to know that you are approachable.

When you are friendly people are more apt to openly discuss topics with you, offer advice and allow you to help them.

Being rude and pretending or making it appear that you are always too busy or in a bad mood will most likely close more doors for you than it will open.

Being a Part of a Blogging Community is Essential to Success

Having good content is not enough anymore. There is a lot more involved with being successful as a blogger.

Being a part of blogging community will give you a tool and a resource in tough times and always remember everyone started with nothing at some point.

If you are not a part of any blogging communities I suggest becoming a part of the Empower Network.

You will be a part of one of the best blogging communities that I feel is out to improve everyone situation and if that is a trait you can relate to you should jump in today.

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