Pregnancy Memories: Dancing In Utero

So one day I was heading home fromthe grocery store (I was around eight months pregnant) and I had my typical lineup of Maroon 5 songs playing and this song came on. I also love to sing, so when this song came on I started rocking out and singing along to the lyrics, as you do with Maroon 5 because come on how can you not with something so catchy? This was not the first time I had played this song during the pregnancy, so I believe that Izabela could remember the vibrations and sounds of this song when it came on. So there I am singing along and when the "ah ahh ah ah" part of the song came on during the chorus, she started wiggling up a storm and kicking to the beat!

I thought for sure this was a coincidence because she wasn't even born yet and she's kicking to the beat of something? Coooome ooon. Impossible. So I laughed because it was cute and kept singing along with the song. When it was over I played it again (again, how can you not, this song is awesome) and when I got to the same part again she started kicking and dancing to the beat once again! How stinking cute is my daughter?

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It took me several weeks and random times of putting this song on and her dancing at that exact same time to realize that it was probably because when you sing that part you contract muscles in your stomach region. So every time I sang that part if would hug her in my uterus and so she'd wiggle and move around, but still, her first song that she ever danced to was this song!

When I got home I told John what had happened and he smiled, laughed a little, and said, "Um no." Not in a disgusted way, just a "pfft, our daughter hasn't had time to listen to my music yet for that to have been her first song to dance to" kind of way. Ha!

The other day I was driving to the store again and I played this song. After spending 4 solid weeks locked in my house with our little newborn it was nice to get out and go do a little grocery shopping on my own. I was surprised to find that I was actually kind of sad that she wasn't in my uterus anymore to kick and dance with me during this song! I'm super glad she's here but there is something that is interesting about getting used to having a tiny person with you everywhere you go and then suddenly that tiny person is their own being and they are no longer connected to you. So I sang the song, reminisced, gave a pouty lip for a minute because I realized I was missing my little squirt and I had only been away from her for ten minutes, and then finished my grocery shopping and came home.

What pregnancy memory do you have that you reminisce over now that your little baby (or kiddo at this point) isn't in your uterus anymore?

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